Sunday, August 29, 2010

my school shopping list

sadly i dont have allot of money so i invest in a few things per season to update my wardrobe. Every year its different. I just pick up on minor trends and pair them with basics. my fall shopping list includes...

  • knee (and thigh) high socks
  • odd colored bandannas 
  • sheer black button down (or sheer mateial to make my own)
  • large 90x90cm silk scarfs
  • rings (silver tone, ethnic, antique ect. and lots of them)
  • leather biker boots
  • flannel shirts
  • black chunky socks or legwarmers
  • wrist warmers (crochet by me)
I took some of my cues from prada, miu miu, acne and lamb this year.

Monday, August 23, 2010

busy busy busy

I am going to the School of Art and Design at Montgomery College. Its going to be a hectic year and i doubt if ill have time for much of anything. i have allot of projects in construction so watch out, baby, woo.

I've done a couple of little things here and there. Lately I've been obsessing over anything with eyes on it; jewelry, clothing, tattoos ... everything. It got so unbearable i had to do something. So I went to a charity thrift store and scoured the stuffed animal section until i found the perfect doll. Now the rest sort of sounds like a horror flick. i took the doll to my tool room and got some  pliers and i cut up her face and popped her little eyes out. Cute huh? Then i glued the eyes to some crackerjack poison rings (kinda like the one lady gaga had in paparazzi) and that was that; eyeball obsession temporarily satisfied haha.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

the quest for focus again

When I design, my mind is constantly flipping and changing every shape and concept I think of. Its a habit you've got to flex. And just like muscle confusion you've gotta hit it all types of ways in-order to get results. You have to do the same with purpose. Product designers do it everyday. Unfortunately sometimes i lose that habit and i have to find it through fine art or illustration. So Im on my quest for my next design concept. I have to be super focused. I'll be using this week to warm up my left hand and get it going. Wish me luck!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Paper Proper

Lately ive noticed paper has been the source for allot of inspiration. Paper fashion has been around since the 60s and its easy to see why. Wether used as material or used to inspire everyday wear paper is a great way to freshen up your look. Pleats, origami folds and cut outs wouldn't be gracing your lovely figure if designers didn't look into paper for ideas.
accordion sleeve (via style bubble), Pleats Please jackets, and Gary Harvey newspaper dress

heres my quick take on paper fashion

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

more fever ray

Fever Ray Halloween Mix

things that are just on my mind right now


random eccentric art

T-shirts with shoulder corners
and fever ray

my ponderance for today

not the most glam picture but i thought it was cute enough haha
Slowly slowly I'm finding my way to my personal style. its not really my taste that im working on but how much i can reflect myself. i just got my septum pierced last friday and i feel great! Yes i get allot of stares from children to strangers to my best friends but its fine. Its worth it no matter the scrutiny. Its always worth it.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Crystal Renn is just plain beautiful

check out this blog post by Gizmodiva. she has a good source of photos from a Vmagazine spread of her.

i could just live in those hats

Quarry House

its a
beer and whiskey bar
in a basement
thats been around since before the prohibition
and has a menu where there's only a half page listing of food
and the rest is pretty much imported beer scotch and brandy ect.
enough said

Sunday, April 18, 2010


A-POC also known as "a piece of cloth" was a line founded by Issey Miyake with the consept of cutting out your own customized clothing. Everything is prettymuch cut off the roll for you. Hmm interesting. 

Friday, April 9, 2010

old art work

i drew this so long ago. i still love it.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

and or not

ive recently come to love two great female musicians that collaborate with the world

florence and the machine

marina and the diamonds

both of these lovely ladies are solo musicians that collaborate with multiple people to come up with solid gold music. these two have managed to come out with freshman albums that are great from start to finish. check them out!

Friday, April 2, 2010

beauty is in the eye of the open-minded

Shaun Ross is absolutely gorgeous. Even if you look past his albinoisim he has some really lovely features. now this dosent mean im not going to bring up other albino models. check out Diandra Forest... 
and Connie Chiu
it seems like the industry seems to still have false conceptions of beauty because why haven't i seen these beauties often? Never mind the technicalities of modeling there's nothing wrong with modeling eyeglasses or makeup. I just feel like prejudice is clear.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My first intro at Fashion Spot Forum (circa 2006)

hello people my name is Tiffani Lauren and Im 17 ( Ill be legal on tax day). Im currently living in Silver Spring, MD; not far from Washington D.C. I fancy myself as being a fashion designer. My favorite designers and design houses consist of Balenciaga, Miucia Prada, Proenza Schouler, Yves St. Laurent and sometimes Zac Posen. I cant live without my Womens wear daily newspaper. As far as magazines I Would prefer to be brainwashed by Crash(france), W, and Self Service. My musical tastes vary but lets say Blonde Redhead and Daft Punk for now. I became interested in fashion because you can be in any profession (hell you could make up one) and still be successful with exessive praise to feed your vanity. I love that. My approach to fashion design sits on some pretty high standards in anatomy, architecture, composition and intuition on the wants of the target consumer. Anything else is just styling; not that thats a bad thing.

... hmm not much has changed since then. sometimes when i look back at all the things Ive said im pretty suprised.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Monday, March 29, 2010

(double takes) ... is that Michael Clark??

I was going through some homogenous fashion magazine the other day and i noticed Michael Clark in the new Marc Jacob ad. Can i say WOAHHHH holy fuck its Michael Clark. Only one of theeeee most influential modern choreographers to ever come out of the 80's.

did i mention the clothes in this clip were designed by Leigh Bowery?? You dont know who Leigh Bowery is? Here lemme blow your mind ...

theres no way to explain who or what Leigh Bowery was but he has definitely influenced everything i have admired in art fashion and social deviance. check out this documentary on him it will change your life


Richard Gray is an AMAZING illustrator.

Bintage Takoma

style rookie: Pawly Sooz

i was gonna post something about polly sues but i think TAVIBOO herself did a better job.

eye tattoos!

i still cant choose what illustration style i want for the eyes im gonna get tatted behind my knees. im down to the point where im probably going to get multiple pairs. aaaaa

Mistress of the Impossible

so i got this amazing rosary charm of St Rita. shes the patron saint of the impossible. she sounds amazing.


i love you emilio but really?

what is it with people and tacky handwriting "graffiti" print? I hate it. it's the stupidest tackiest concept ever and yet ... EVERYONE LOVES IT. wtf?
Emilio Sosas print got him the winners spot in the most recent project runway challenge

... eww
i hated it when Louis Vouitton did it. i hated it when dkny did it. graffiti artists hate it. look at the craptasticness of it and realize that its stupid please.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

i just got some vintage gianfranco ferre glasses

Incase you didn't know who Gianfranco Ferre is he's this amazing designer that passed away a couple years ago. lets just say he was one of the courtiers of yore; kind of like Valentino or Yves Saint Laurent, where everything was impeccably made with Grace Kelly like standards.

do you like my retro antifrenchie??

its never to late to say how you feel about McQueen

this is a small essay i wrote on Alexander McQueen in english class. I know sometimes i need a little incentive ...

“He’s dead.” I almost dropped my phone when my long time friend, Aarron, told me the horrible news. Alexander McQueen had passed away. It seemed like a bad dream but I had to look up all the popular newspapers to see if it was true. My soul was slammed with a concrete wall of hurt and shock. With tears running down my face, his whole career flashed before my eyes. Alexander McQueen changed the world of fashion with his work ethic, his penchant for over the top presentation and his unique concept of what was possible in making a garment. The fashion industry has suffered a huge loss with his death.

His influence has shaped me as a fashion designer and as an artist. I, among others, could only hope to match him in concept and in practice. He refused to settle for anything less than spectacular. Often never thinking much about his own appearance he would walk out bashfully at the end of his shows in nothing but an under shirt and sewing oil stained jeans. And yet he looked nothing but glorious in everyone’s eyes including mine. The sacrifice he put into his work is the stuff of legend. His work will forever be documented and used, as an example of what fashion should be.

Never to leave anyone in disappointment, McQueen always put on a show no one would ever forget. Filled with anarchy, dark humor and larger than life stage props, his slot in London Fashion Week always pushed the meaning of what a fashion show should be. He shocked the fashion industry when he used robotic arms to spray-paint dresses on pure improvisation. And yet, the eye burning camera flashes and celebrity spectacle never outshined the exquisite quality and the world class tailoring that was always present in his work.

Despite the fame, fortune and glamour of the fashion industry, he remained a delicate and sensitive man. Always discreet by nature, he avoided the public eye whenever he could. He was a family man and had very few close friends, one of them being Isabella Blow; who bought his entire graduate collection and supported him faithfully until her suicide in 2007. He was also very close to his mother who had inspired him when he was under the strict expectations of his father when he was a child. Ms Blow’s suicide two years ago coupled with the very recent death of his mother compelled him to take his own life. He hung himself in his London flat on the 11th of February, the night before his mother’s funeral. Philip Treacy, a close friend and regular “It’s not easy being Mr. McQueen,” he continued “We’re all human. His mum had just died. And his mum was a great supporter of his talent.”

The death of Lee Alexander McQueen has broken my heart, personally and professionally. His unconventional tactics pushed my consciousness to new levels. I hope to emulate his work through mine with his work ethic and his anything is possible attitude.