Monday, August 23, 2010

busy busy busy

I am going to the School of Art and Design at Montgomery College. Its going to be a hectic year and i doubt if ill have time for much of anything. i have allot of projects in construction so watch out, baby, woo.

I've done a couple of little things here and there. Lately I've been obsessing over anything with eyes on it; jewelry, clothing, tattoos ... everything. It got so unbearable i had to do something. So I went to a charity thrift store and scoured the stuffed animal section until i found the perfect doll. Now the rest sort of sounds like a horror flick. i took the doll to my tool room and got some  pliers and i cut up her face and popped her little eyes out. Cute huh? Then i glued the eyes to some crackerjack poison rings (kinda like the one lady gaga had in paparazzi) and that was that; eyeball obsession temporarily satisfied haha.

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